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We are still looking for new accomodations for all our many guests!

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    A strong partner!

    n TripTo you've found a strong rental agency. You will be a part of a network constisting of multiple rental portals with visitors from all over the world and a direct- marketing concept, which will enable bookings through out the year.

    Multi lingual customer service!

    Your accommodation(s) will only be promoted in languages we speak ourselves. We can be reached by phone or e-mail.

    Easy to administrate!

    It's easy to create your own ad(s). You can add as many objects as you like by just one user account. Once logged in in the landlords' admin, you have access to all tools necessary to advertise your object effectively.

    Booking made easy for everyone!

    Our database contain all important housing options. No matter if looking for a cottage, an apartment, a hotel, B&B, hostal, vacation village or caste- a wide range attract more visitor, which you will profit from yourself.

    Safe handling of data

    All bookings will be processed through a safe encrypted webpage and through a certified payment service, meaning your data are in safe hands.

    A good deal

    We offer advertising free of charge for you who are owner of a holiday home, flat or room. We get our part only if a booking is generated. The guest pays a booking fee amounting to approx 25 % inc taxes of the total price.

    Your ad must be seen to be booked! Become one of our Premium landlord´s here at TripTo!

    With the choice to become premium landlord with us, you have a variety of benefits, which makes it possible to get your item marketed the little extra to get the best possible coating.
    The number of private landlords has increased sharply in recent years, which of course leads to more competition between objects and it is difficult to highlight just your holiday home or apartment. The motto we go by is: "You have to be seen to be booked."

    Anyone who chooses to become a premium landlord offered the following:

    In the regular hit list item ranks higher and appear higher in the search results. Your quality index is raised and will Samed automatically get higher up in the results. This makes your product specially attractive and stand out, leading to more potential guests.

    For more info, please contact: trip-to.com , and we will tell you all the details about this fantastic possibility.


    On this website you will find our Swedish-speaking holiday portal designed for the Scandinavian market.


    Here is the English version, which attracts guests from over 30 different countries to Sweden.


    Our German rental site has been and is an important part of us, and represents about 50 percent of all rentals!

    Are you the owner of a cozy guest house, B&B, Hotel, accommodation facility or hostel !?

    Let us market your accommodation on our domestic and international portals!

    If we don't find any guests for you, we won't make a profit. Only upon a successful booking through us we take a commission of 15% on your original prices. This means that the advertised prices will be the same as shown on your own web site.

    We make visitors curious about you and present your offer in a general main display. We also create ads for each of your objects/rooms.

    This get the accommodation seekers a complete picture of your offer and can book easily and quickly, which we all are looking for.

    The images that make the difference

    When you describe your house or apartment to prospective tenants, add course great importance to tell you about all the benefits. The beautiful patio, a cozy rec room, the large well-equipped kitchen and so on.

    But unless your pictures tell the same story, your ad will be difficult to catch guests' interest. Your text provides facts but it is the pictures that convey the feeling and that guests always look first at. Can not see the images inviting the risk is that few people read the ad that talks about how great your home really is.

    Take a chance, but did not hire a professional home photographer and your home will not go unnoticed. Your home or vacation home get the chance to show off their best sides and the result is a large bright razor-sharp images of the same quality that brokerage firms use. Remember that it probably would a single extra rental opportunity for this investment will pay off for you.

    Right now, you who rent in Stockholm and Uppsala counties hire a home photographer. Regardless of how large your apartment or your house is, you get the day after shooting a complete series of pictures showing your entire home interior and exterior in a very appealing manner. For detached houses included birdbild from the mast.

    Remember that it does not matter what season pictures are taken. If you have nice green pictures outdoors in the summer, it is perfectly possible to combine them with interior pictures taken at a later date.

    Price example: Apartment Shooting 800 SEK excluded mileage.

    Interested? Send an email to: foto@liebert.se for a non-binding inquiry as will a quote via e-mail shortly. Enter the name, address, city, type of housing (house / apartment), and email address.

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